Music Video of the Week: Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do”

I’m trying something new this week, and that’s the Music Video of the Week. I’ve always enjoyed music videos and even though they’re not played on MTV to the same extent, music videos are still a very popular medium that live on in the halls of YouTube. I’ve always believed that music videos can be brilliant forms of artistic expression, trying cinematic techniques that may be otherwise unused in television or movies. Their oddity is perfect and expressive in my mind. So I’m going to start showcasing some.

For as long as music has existed on a sellable medium, be it records all the way to the streaming services we see today, music executives and promoters have one basic goal: to make money. Therefore, some of the themes portrayed in music videos may be showcases in debauchery and other forms of sex. This can be shown or even said through the lyrics. I don’t mind this. However, some of my readers may. This section of my blog is to show off videos that I think are particularly artistic and express themselves very well. You may not like the music, the fashion, or the ideas and that’s fine. You can skip this if you like. But I felt it necessary to write in this warning as a heads up that some of these may not be rated PG. YOU. HAVE. BEEN. WARNED.

Interestingly enough, some of my favorite music videos out there are from Taylor Swift. Perhaps my favorite one of hers is the oft-discussed and somewhat controversial video of her 2017 hit Look What You Made Me Do from her album Reputation. The video (below) is the most-watched YouTube video within the first day of its release, amassing an eye-popping 43 million views on YouTube. The video is Swift asserting herself as a cultural force in the second half of the 2010s and is her giant, defiant middle finger to the establishment and her “haters.” Swift’s rebranding effort turns the mirror on her old self, poking fun at her other egos in her previous videos, primarily her former shy girl next door persona. This is an angry, don’t-give-a-hoot Taylor Swift and the resulting video is brilliant.

One thing of note: the bathtub of diamonds she’s sitting in is worth more than $10 million. Enjoy!

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  1. I love this new feature you’re doing!!! Love this song and now the video – I had never watched it before now…! Very fun, hope you do this again.


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